Heavy Fabrication & Machining

Heavy Fabrication & Machining

March 23rd 2017.

Machined Fabrications Ltd has just won  contract for Heavy Fabrication & machining on an offshore project, the large fabrications also require our Subcon Machining Capacity. Machined Fabrications Ltd have a capacity to product medium/heavy steel fabrications, up to 15 tonnes .

Machined Fabrications Ltd can also stress relieve fabrications and can finish paint on site in Dudley.

Machined Fabrications Ltd is based in Dudley , West Midlands and is part of a group of engineering companies . Machined Fabrications Ltd , Askey Precision Engineering Ltd , Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd & Ufone Precision Engineers Ltd

Machined Fabrications Ltd are committed to all sectors Aerospace, Automotive, MoD, Nuclear and Oil and Gas. 

Heavy Machining & Fabrication

§  Medium To Heavy Machining

§  Steel Fabrication

§  Large Fabrication

§  Subcon Machining

§  Precision Parts

§  Heavy Fabrication & Machining

Machined Fabrications Lts offers:

Large CNC Machining, Heavy Fabrication & Machining,  SubCon Machining, Machining Services,  Precision Turning Medium to Heavy Engineering, Large Engineering, Heavy Machining, Precision Parts, large component machining  on components up to 20 tonnes. Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd  has a 24/7 shift system

 In recent years we have heavily invested in our people, plant and machinery to ensure we can meet all of our customers Subcon Machining requirements.  We now have the capacity to machine any batch size from large too small. We can offer a 24 hour service meeting all your Machining needs. We understand the time constraints in all areas of manufacturing and production and we pride ourselves on offering our customers a high quality service at a competitive price every time.

The group also has capacity that Adelaide Engineering Co Ltd can machine from Heavy Machining to small batch milling and turning , the group can cover most aspects of Large Fabrication.

To see all the group’s Heavy Fabrication & Machining capacity please view group websites.

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